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Little Grippers meet Lil’ Spin

      We have been working really hard to spread the word about our new brand and have been reasonably successful with both local and national coverage. However now that we have launched we are spending our time and effort in making sure that the business is running as efficiently as it can to support the development of the brand and bring you lots more exciting products and designs.

We are therefore absolutely delighted to confirm that we have joined forces with Lil’ Spin PR experts who are going to work with us and attempt to grip the nation with Stay On Sock news, chatter, competitions and more…..

Watch this space!!


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Our Story So Far!

Developing Little Grippers has been an amazing experience for us, right from the day we dreamt it up.

One day when the dust has settled and the brand is established we will write a book of our experiences and pass on our knowledge to whoever wants to listen. The way we felt in the middle of January this year, having appeared on prime time radio twice in the last few days, being the subject of some fantastic written press, with the promise of a lot more to come, we are sure it will be a good read.

17th January 2013……..
Its 10 days until we launch the brand. Invitations to the launch trade show are all but sent, the website is hours from completion, stock is almost ready for labelling and packing, and the phone is red hot!

We are reaching over 4000 people every time we post a facebook update, the local commercial radio station is almost in agreement to help us build up to launch with a daily update and freebie offers. The equipment for the launch show has all arrived and its now down to the finishing touches like badges, boxes, packing ribbon and oh……organise a van to get us to London!

20th January 2013……..
Its a week to go now and facebook reach is over 7000 per week, we have lots of interest for our launch week freebies, and the finishing touches are being made to our trade stand. Our friends and neighbours have been a great help, packing up stock until the early hours, labelling hooks and generally being very supportive.

25th January 2013……..
The night before, like many weeks preceeding it was a late one but we are finally ready. Snow is falling heavily tonight so the journey to London will be a slow one in the morning.

27th January 2013……..
And today is the day we have been working towards for over a year now. The stand is built, the products look great and we are ready…….Introducing Little Grippers!


Customer Feedback February 2013 – more added!!

Our very first customer review!

“My socks arrived yesterday. I tried them on the one year old and they stayed on for a whole soft play session. Only removed by me at bedtime – a success!”

By Katy C. Feb 2013 via Facebook.

Our first customer review on the grey boys knee high school socks:

“P loves the socks, he says they keep him warm because they stay up. I will mention them to other moms at school, thanks again ….Clare x”

By Clare H. Feb 2013 via e-mail.

Baby Socks, latest customer feedback:

“I purchased your baby socks in age 2-3 and they have been a god send these last few cold days. We will be buying more and look forward to buying your socks throughout our children’s growing years”

By Thomas B. Feb 2013 via e-mail.

More Baby Sock reviews:

“I ordered some socks yesterday afternoon, and on returning from the school run this afternoon found them dropped through my letterbox!! Looking forward to my one year old wearing them and for them to stay on his feet!!! Thank you! Fantastic service!!”


“Put my new Little Grippers socks to the test yesterday. One year old boy, prone to taking socks off even on short journeys, wore his Little Grippers (with no shoes) for a two hour journey (with a half hour sleep) when we arrived at our destination the Little Grippers were still on, he had tried to remove them but failed!! For the first time and for two consecutive days he has worn the same pair of socks all day until bedtime and they have not come off or been removed once!! Amazing!! The question is now can I get them out of the wash with out loosing one!!!!”

By Rachel C. Feb 2013 via Facebook.

Boys School Sock Review:

“My son is delighted with the socks and they fit great. He is the greatest promoter of your product..he has been showing his friends the top of his socks telling them they have stay up technology…very cute!”

By Jo D. Feb 2013 via e-mail.

Girls School Socks Review:

“T wore her Little Grippers to bed with her PJ’s and when she got up said ‘look Mum they stayed up all night’ lol”

By Terri C. Feb 2013 via e-mail.



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Meet Norman Our Robot And The Little Grippers Family

Here is Norman with the ‘Little Grippers’ girls.


Meet the whole, now very happy ‘Little Grippers’ Family!!

meet the little grippers happy family