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Little Grippers Sock Review
Socks. I never suffered sock woes with Lara, but Holly gets through socks at such a rate! I must have had to go back to our local supermarket about 10 times so far to ask if anyone has found a missing sock.. Sometimes even a shoe! Little Grippers claim to have found an answer to my woes… their clever socks that stay put.

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I’ll admit that I’ve never tried a contraption that holds baby socks in place because I have worried that they might be uncomfortable for Holly to wear, or that they might add too much bulk should I want to put shoes in Holly to keep her warm. The beauty of the Little Grippers baby and toddler socks is that they don’t need anything extra to hold them on… They are normal soft ribbed baby socks but with a line of their magic Stay On material around the top cuff of the sock which help them to stay up.

I can only describe the material of the stay on grip to be a bit like the thin line of nearly adhesive magic stuff that kept my nylon stockings up on the day I got married! The ‘sticky’ bit is invisible from the outside and is made of natural materials. My initial thoughts were that it would feel a bit uncomfy on Holly’s ankles but then I remembered those wedding stockings and the fact that you simply couldn’t feel anything at all, and that settled my mind.

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The Little Grippers socks are great. Nothing awfully exciting on the outside (they are currently available in pink, blue, yellow and white) but they certainly do stay on well. I chose Holy a pair for age 12-24 months and she is, admittedly, a bit small for them but despite the fact that they look enormous on her, they have never yet fallen off!. I’m impressed enough to have started looking at their bigger girls school socks for later this year when Lara starts school.

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Magic stay-on stuff around the ankle

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Our First Lifestyle Photo Shoot


A fun day was had by all when the Little Grippers team visited Battle Abbey Prep School in Sussex on 23 April for our very first lifestyle photo-shoot!

The day began with a school hall filled with children, young babies, their parents, socks, props and camera equipment.

Thankfully, the sun shone throughout the day, providing our photographer, Phil Burrowes with the perfect opportunity to take some fantastic out-door shots.

The models were all wonderful, and whilst some of the younger children were a little camera shy at first, after a little gentle persuasion (and a few colourful balloons), they were soon engaging well, both individually and as a team, taking direction from Phil and our publicist Lisa of Lil’ Spin, who collectively helped capture the day and, more importantly, our products, on film!

46 sock changes, 18 outfit changes, over 400 different poses, and an overnight edit later, we now have our final selection of lifestyle images ready for public viewing… Phew!

We’d like to say a special thank you to Battle Abbey Prep for allowing us to use their fabulous grounds and equipment, and for being so accommodating and helping make the day run smoothly.

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Review by “Madhouse Family Reviews” blogger Cheryl Pasquier

Little Grippers Socks review

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When I was asked if we’d like to review a pair of socks from Little Grippers, I was intrigued – it was a brand I’d never heard of before so I clicked through to find out more. They promise an end to school socks that fall down, baby socks that go missing or scratch mittens and gloves that never stay on. Having experienced all of those things, I was keen to investigate !

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We requested some over-the-knee black school socks in age 14+ because Sophie may only be 11 but she’s almost as tall as me and has size 8 feet ! The socks are plain black, nice and soft and have a cute lizard motif on the foot part.

They come up to Sophie’s mid-thigh so they’re perfect for wearing underneath a skirt or with boots. They remind me a bit of hold-up stockings – I asked Sophie if they were a bit tight at the top but she said they weren’t and has been wearing them quite happily.

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Little Grippers say that their socks, gloves, mittens and booties are guaranteed to stay on your child’s hands and feet far longer than any other product because they incorporate what they call “our revolutionary robotically applied ‘stay on technology’ which is 100% natural, totally hypoallergenic and applied to our products to help them stay in place”. It’s a natural, adhesive silicon that they say gently adheres to skin, leaving no residue, moving and stretching like a second skin. The website promises that it is hypoallergenic, 100% natural, breathable and dermatologist approved providing no skin irritation. It’s just like the slightly rubbery texture at the top of hold-up stockings.

Well, I have to say, it does work. The socks stayed up all day and, although they did leave slight red marks, Sophie said they were really soft and comfortable to wear. I was a bit concerned about how they would cope with being washed but they are machine washable and proven to survive extensive wash and wear tests.

At the moment, the website only has a small selection of products available – 4 colours of baby socks, knee-high or over-the-knee girls’ school socks and knee-high or short boys’ school socks – but there are more ranges coming soon.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £5 for the over-the-knee school socks

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Disclosure : We received a pair of socks in order to write an honest review.

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Review by ‘Side Street Style’, MADS finalists for 2013

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Little Grippers Review

If you have small children, especially if they are active and inquisitive, it can be really hard to keep their socks and gloves on, either they are falling down all the time or they are pulling them off, well at least that is the case with Mr A. So I was really excited when Little Grippers ask me to review their stay-on socks. The stay-on technology is created by using 100% natural, hypo-allergenic and breathable silicon that they apply to directly to cuffs of the garments, which means not extra sowing or itchy little added bits. Their thin band of silicon lasts the lifetime of the garment and can be washed, tumbled and doesn’t loose it’s effectiveness. We tried out the Little Grippers baby socks size 6/8.5 (2-3yrs)

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Since Mr A is very active and we spend a lot of time outdoors, I really didn’t know if the little grippers would stand up to the challenge of staying in place but we spent the day running around, getting up to mischief in the garden, playing in the teepee, jumping and dancing and those socks didn’t move, they stayed in up all day! Also loved the little gecko print on the socks and Little Grippers are sporting some traditional summer colour-ways this year with white, baby pink, baby blue and sunny yellow with sizes from newborn to 2/3yrs as well as school socks that stay up from 3yr to 14+ years with prices starting from a very reasonable £3.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

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