“The Perfect Gift for 2013 Baby Boomers”

The Nursery Industries Guide, wwww.nursery-online.com states that Little Grippers Gift Boxes are “The Perfect Gift for 2013 Baby Boomers”

13 05 NurseryOnline Gift Packs2

This follows on from Februarys article, where they claimed we are the “New Must-Have Accessories for Parents”


You can view the articles and see the website at www.nursery-online.com

Monday Mumpreneur Article

An Article by Business Mentor Heather Bestel on her website Mum’s Got A Business. Heather set up her website to give women especially Mum’s a practical, valuable resource to grow a business and support them in nurturing themselves in order to do that.

This week Heather featured our creator Rachel Pettiford as her Monday Mumpreneur.


You can visit Heather’s website and view the article at mumsgotabusiness.com/monday-mumpreneur-with-rachel-pettiford/

5 Star Review from MummyPages.Co.Uk

www.mummypages.co.uk is for almost half a million women and men the only website they use for everything from pregnancy queries to days out with the kids and family health, so here at Little Grippers we were delighted when they reviewed our socks with Stay On Technology.

13 05 Mummy Pages Article

You can join the mummypages family and see the review at www.mummypages.co.uk/slipping-socksa-thing-of-the-past

‘Pocket Full of Rye Magazine Article

Our latest press comes from web based magazine http://www.pocketfulofrye.co.uk/ described as a Mum’s guide to a happy home and this article is based on a hot topic at the moment, Mumpreneurs.



Who says that mum’s can’t have it all?
Recent reports show that two thirds of mothers now work, compared with less than a quarter just 40 years ago. Financial pressures, the desire to achieve, and create a life beyond the family, have been significant factors in driving many mothers back-to-work, raising the question… can mums really have it all?
It’s the question that almost every working mother inevitably asks herself at some stage. The challenges of motherhood and having a career are vast; many women opt for one and put the other on hold, whilst some set their mind to having the best of both worlds. Working in an office environment can have significant drawbacks to time invested into raising children, and is ultimately hinged on childcare and funding it. Where some businesses offer a flexible approach to their employees, allowing them to work from home, others like Yahoo! have resolved to remove the option completely.
Here are two inspirational mothers, who have opted for the best of both worlds, by developing their own businesses shaped around their former careers to meet the needs of their families.
Former Textile Technologist…
Rachel Pettiford is a mum of two and step-mum to three children, whose ages range from 2 to 22 years. Earlier this year she launched Little Grippers.
Inspired by her own children, Rachel set about creating a solution to the problem that virtually every parent and child faces; school socks that slip down, baby socks that go missing, and gloves that always fall off. With a background in textile technology, Rachel began working with a robotics scientist to create the special ‘secret recipe’ that enables garments such as socks and gloves to ‘stay-on’. Within 12 months, Rachel had successfully turned a great idea into a tangible product ready for the marketplace. Quite a feat, having overcome a series of hurdles, as Rachel comments: “From the initial concept, design, technification, and testing, I then had to contend with the branding, patenting, website, manufacturing and marketing. Speaking of website, you can seek help from boston seo consultant for any online marketing strategy. There were a lot of 2am finishes, too many for my liking”.
Rachel is continually motivated by her children, to provide for them both emotionally and financially, commenting: “Having my own business has meant that I decide who has my time and when. I work when the children are in bed or at playgroup so I can still give them my full attention and they get the best mummy I can be. As a family, our life is now geared-up to getting the best work-life balance possible. By working together, with my husband Adrien, from home, we can both be flexible and successful in our business. There’s also time for the little things, like being at those special assemblies and picking the children up from school.”
Rachel’s advice to other mums thinking of setting-up their own business is: “Take your time, make sure you choose something that you are passionate about and truly believe in. Carry out comprehensive market research to get your product or service 100% right. Be sure your business plan is made with sound assumptions and be realistic. You also need to have key business support in line, try to ensure they are as passionate about the company as you are”.

Since launching earlier this year, the products have been well received. The innovative concept sparked the attention of BBC Radio 2 where Little Grippers featured on the ‘Innovation Slot’ with Simon Mayo.
Little Grippers current range can be viewed online at www.littlegrippers.com


The full article and Pocketful of Rye’s website can be found at http://www.pocketfulofrye.co.uk/hot-topics-archives/433-inspirational-mumpreneurs-who-says-mums-can-t-have-it-all.html

Review By MADS Nominee 2013 Confessions Of A SAHM

Our latest review comes from blogger Rachel Gully from ‘Confessions of a SAHM’ who reveals why she thinks Little Grippers School Socks are a good investment.

13 04 Confessions of SAHM blog

You can find Rachel’s Confessions of a SAHM blog and the review at http://confessionofsahm.com/2013/04/review-giveaway-little-grippers-socks/

Little Grippers Are Perfect For Your Little Water Babies

Little Grippers have this Spring been mentioned in the Spring Water Babies newsletter.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Water Babies, they are the UK’s leading baby swim school, teaching a core skill to hundreds of babies & children every week which can potentially save their lives. You can find out more about them by visiting their website http://www.waterbabies.co.uk/

Here at Little Grippers we are huge fans of Water Babies having been swimming with them for almost 4 years with our 2 daughters who have benefitted from the well run, fun and exciting weekly lessons.

13 04 Water Babies Newsletter Spring 13 a

Review By The Syders Family Blog. BiB Finalists For 2013

the syders 1

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Little Grippersᵀᴹ Review and Giveaway – Win Five Pairs!

How many times have you heard yourself saying to your little girl “Pull your socks up!” as for the fourth time her knee socks have slumped down to her ankles on the way to school. It only feels like yesterday when I would constantly be saying it on the school run. That is why I love Little Grippersᵀᴹ school socks. Such a clever idea!

the syders 2

The patented technology is the brainchild of parents, Adrien & Rachel Pettiford who were inspired by their five children to create the range. Adrien comments: “It’s a problem that every child and parent has fallen prey to. Babies and toddlers have a knack of removing and losing their socks and mittens, whilst older children face the on-going scenario of school socks that continually slip down. We set about developing a range of socks and accessories that really do stay on, without the aid of additional external garments.”

the syders 3

Each product in the Little Grippers range has been created with the child’s comfort in mind. The ‘stay on technology’ is applied directly to the cuff of the product preventing the need for additional stitching or trims. It gently adheres to the skin without irritation or residue, minimising pressure and discomfort, whilst moving and stretching in harmony with the body. Best of all, it renews itself with each wash and has been proven to survive extensive wash and wear tests.

Available in a selection of styles, colours and designs, Little Grippers really are the must-have accessories for parents and can currently be found online at: www.littlegrippers.com

The review can be found at http://thesyders.blogspot.co.uk/2013/04/little-grippers-review-and-giveaway-win.html


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L’ Mamita Magazine Article

The North East Times L’Mamita featured our Rachel Pettiford as their Inspirational Mumpreneur in their Spring Edition.

13 03 LMamitaSg13 North East Times