Little Grippers is 1 Today!!


Wow they say time flies when you have children, but I can absolutely say that it flies equally as fast when you have a new business (and children) too!

Little Grippers launched ONE YEAR AGO and what a lot has happened in that short space of time.

We launched at the Childrens Trade Show Bubble London with a stand at the back of a small room with lots of other new brands and we had no idea what to expect.  We were busy from the word go!

Our first range consisted simply of 4 School Socks and 1 Baby Sock in 4 traditional pastel colours, since then we have had a number of new products and colourways and at the end of February we launch our new Spring Range for 2014 which will see our colours and styles increase even further.  In our first year our new products included Designs on the Baby Socks, a new Warm and Cosy Towelling Baby Sock, our innovative Sports Socks and shortly we will be launching our first Welly Socks, all with our unique and innovative Stay On Technology.

So after year 1, yes, we are still here, and bigger and better than ever with a Bumper Year of Awards behind us.

In December the brand was awarded the ‘Mums Love Award’ by and a further Silver placement in the Bizziebaby Awards 2012/13 for our market leading, innovative children’s socks with ‘Stay On Technology’.  Little Grippers also achieved a top five placement in Campaign Magazine’s Top 10 Radio Ads 2013 alongside the likes of Dove, Volkswagen, Dept for Transport and Phillips.   Have a listen to our ads here and decide for yourself.

Our founder, Rachel Pettiford, won second place in the Work for Mums 2013 Marvellous Mumpreneur Awards, whilst the company was shortlisted in the Nursery Trader Awards 2013 and received a nomination for two awards in the Mumpreneur Awards and the LBP Awards 2013.   In addition, Little Grippers socks also received a Gold and Silver placement for their Baby and Girls School Sock ranges earlier in the year as part of the Bizziebaby Awards 2012/13.

Commenting on the awards, Co-founder Adrien Pettiford, says: “We are delighted to have received such recognition for our business and products within our first trading year. The parent tested awards are particularly important to us as they really stand as testament to our products innovation and quality.  Receiving not one, but three five star reviews from testers was really encouraging and similarly to have been placed three times in the Bizziebaby Awards 2012/13 really affirms our commitment to producing solutions based products that solve age-old frustrations”.

Since launching back in January 2013, we have recieved a large amount of publicity including Local and National Press a well as featuring on Radion Stations including the BBC and a large number of reviews from some very talented Bloggers.

We would like to thank everyone who beleived in us from the beginning, our fantastic 50 boutiques for taking the decision to stock us and most importantly of all, all of our customers who return again and again to buy more of our Little Grippers Socks.


So what is next for 2014 and Little Grippers?  

Well first we launch our new Welly Socks and add more designs and colours to the Baby Collection in time for the warmer months in the UK.  And at the same time we launch Little Grippers USA!!  By the end of the year you will have also got to know Daisy and ‘The Land of the Lost Socks’ a little better……. Shhh our lips are sealed…..

Watch this space, we hope you come with us and continue on the Little Grippers Journey!

The Little Grippers Family xx

 meet the little grippers happy family



Evidence Proves that Smart School Uniforms Increase Grades

We have always believed that a smart school uniform gives pupils a sense of pride, and encourages them to work hard to succeed at school, well now there is evidence to support this.

The Daily Mail published this article at the beginning of the year:

Smart school uniforms linked to academic success of UK’s schools

Pupils in seven out of ten of England’s top State schools wear blazers and ties, research revealed last night.

Figures published by the Tories show that the majority of the 100 comprehensives and grammars with the best results impose a traditional uniform policy.

Education spokesman Michael Gove said it provides compelling evidence that a smart dress code leads to academic success – as well as helping teachers enforce discipline and giving them the ease of utilize a software like the ClassDojo to help organize the classroom.

The figures were drawn from a list of the top schools for GCSE achievement. Just one school – at number 100 – has no uniform policy at all, while 14 insist on ties but allow jumpers instead of blazers.

Among faith schools, the link was even stronger – with 19 of the top 20 stipulating blazers.

The jackets, sporting the school crest, are commonplace in independent schools, but have been replaced by casual sweatshirts in many comprehensives.

Mr Gove, the Shadow Schools Secretary, has called for all state schools to copy the ethos of the best.

A Tory government under David Cameron would encourage state schools to introduce the blazer as a key element of their dress code.

They would not be forced to do so, but Ofsted inspectors would mark schools which have blazers as the “gold standard”.

The Tories would also monitor the price of blazers – often the most expensive item on the uniform shopping list – to make sure poorer parents were not excluded from dressing their children properly.

Mr Gove argues that a blazer can be bought for as little as £29 in some shops and can last for more than one school year.

The moves are part of a policy to champion what is best about the top schools, including sitting in rows, standing up when a teacher enters the classroom and addressing them by their proper title.

Schools would also be expected to appoint prefects and head boys and girls.

Following the grammar schools row last spring, which triggered several months of misfortune for the Tories, Mr Cameron has tried seize back the agenda on education.

Mr Gove said last night that smart uniforms improve pride and promote a sense of belonging among pupils.

He added: “It is no coincidence that many of the best-performing state schools have proper school uniforms.

“A smart dress code encourages a culture of respect in the classroom which makes it easier for teachers to ensure proper discipline.

“Unless we can sort out the problems with discipline and behaviour in schools, our children will be ill-equipped for the future.”

Three of the top four schools – which had a 100 per cent A* to C pass rate at GCSE – have blazers. They are Thomas Telford School, Telford, the Priory LSST, Lincoln and Guru Nanak Sikh School in Hillingdon.

The fourth, Brooke Weston College near Corby, Northamptonshire, requires children to wear a shirt and tie, but does not have blazers.

There has been anecdotal evidence of smart uniforms increasing standards – but the Tory research shows for the first time the clear link between dress code and academic success.

GCSE passes at Fulham Cross School in West London rose from 42 per cent to 53 per cent after a uniform was introduced, with headmistress Carol Jones saying blazers instilled “an incredible sense of pride”.

See the article here:

DSC_7610(1)a LG


Help keep your child looking smart in their blazers, ties, skirts and shorts with our Little Grippers School Socks with Stay On Technology, keeping them up, smart and tidy all day long! 

Top 10 Radio Ads for 2013….. Little Grippers 5th!!

During the Back To School period in 2013 we ran our Radio Adverts across the East Midlands introducing you all to Daisy, the star of “The Land of the Lost Socks” the story behind Little Grippers.

We are delighted to announce that we came 5th in the Campaign Lives Top 10 UK Radio Ads for 2013, beating brilliant adverts from companies such as Warburtons, Weetabix and Transport for London.  Winning the title of best Radio Ad was Dove followed by Volkswagon.

If you missed the ads, you can hear the first of  4 parts here.  Parts 2, 3 and 4 can also be heard on our Youtube channel.

Watch this space as the book The Land of the Lost Socks is in work and due to be published in 2014!!


Little Grippers in the Nottingham Post

Check out our latest interview in the Nottingham Post.


Surviving the Cold…


Surviving the Cold…

The cold (wet and windy) clutches of mid-winter are upon us.  A time when a casual trip outdoors becomes an unavoidable epic adventure of layers! Babies and young children are unable to regulate their body temperature, making them susceptible to the elements and as parents, we are responsible for how cold or hot they feel at any given time.

So, without further ado, we’ve compiled a list of top tips to surviving the cold:

Hands & Feet:

  • Mittens & Socks: If hands are exposed, pull some mittens on them; it’s useful to have more than one pair (once they get wet, they’ll make the hands colder). Ensure your baby has very warm socks, such as our NEW ‘Cosy Toe’ towelling socks (that don’t fall off!).  During the early stages of your baby’s life, it’s best to avoid shoes as these can be restrictive to your child’s feet – at a point where those fragile bones and muscles should be free to strengthen and develop.


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Heads & Faces:

  • Hats: Since the face and head are most sensitive to changes in temperature, particularly in babies whose heads are large in proportion to their bodies and often covered with very little to no hair at all and with ear infections being extremely common in babies during the winter months (having gone through the experience with my own daughter this is definitely something you’ll want to avoid), hats don’t merely serve an aesthetic function, they are in fact, fundamental. When indoors, consider soft, lightweight, cotton hats and when choosing a warm hat for outdoor use, consider those with a chin-strap or ties to ensure that it stays on the head and ear flaps to keep little ears cosy. Choose a hat that fits; avoid the temptation to buy one that’s too big!  As with the top layers, hats should be removed before a car journey to avoid overheating.



Layering is one of the most effective ways to trapping heat, but you’ll need an early start as it can take a while!

  • Easy-on, easy-off top layers: Snowsuits, pram bunting, quality jackets – these should be removed before travelling in a car, they can inhibit the car seat from functioning properly and may also cause your infant to overheat.
  • Breathable fabrics for layering: cotton bodysuits, rompers, long-sleeved T-shirts, leggings and trousers.
  • Blankets:  In extreme cold conditions, a blanket can be a useful pram or pushchair topper in addition to your other layers and can also be useful when travelling in cars.
  • Seat-liners: If you intend to make regular expeditions into the cold, it may be worthwhile investing in one of the many varieties of seat-liners available for pushchairs and prams – lambskin has natural thermal and Eco-friendly qualities.



  • Good Food: A nutritiously rich diet is crucial year-round perhaps more so during the winter months.  Key nutrients aid the body’s immune system and help stave-off and fight those nasty winter colds and flu.  If breastfeeding a good diet is essential as you’ll be passing on those all-important nutrients to your baby as well as requiring a surplus for your own body.  Try to increase your intake of Vitamin C rich foods such as your core citrus fruits, peppers, broccoli and sweet potatoes, Beta-carotene and Vitamin A – found in dairy products and oily fish,  as well as zinc rich foods – red meats, peas and grains.
  • Honey: A spoonful everyday will help keep colds, flu and infections away… The benefits of honey don’t just stop at satisfying the palate; honey also offers incredible antiseptic, antioxidant and cleansing properties for our body and health. Its powerful healing attributes have long been used and known to promote healing for cuts, cure ailments and diseases, and correct health disorders. Honey should NOT be fed to infants younger than one year old. Clostridium bacteria that cause infant botulism usually thrive in soil and dust. However, they can also contaminate certain foods — honey in particular.


  • Skin-care: The chill wind outside and dry heat indoors can sap moisture from the hardiest of skins — and your baby’s delicate skin is especially vulnerable.  It’s worthwhile considering investing in moisturising products for added protection – make a habit of applying before heading outdoors. Many lotions and creams are made especially for babies’ sensitive skin.  Paediatricians recommend that you should avoid putting lubricants on a newborn’s skin, so wait until they’re at least a month old). Soap and water are drying to your infant’s skin, so be careful not to overdo the baths in the winter months. When bathing it’s best avoid soap altogether, and don’t let your infant soak in the bath too long, wrap them in a hooded baby towel  immediately after taking him/her out of the water and pat (don’t rub) dry, quickly. Apply a mild baby lotion to the skin. Tip: If the house is very dry, you might consider putting an air purifier in the room where your baby sleeps to help keep his nasal passages moist.


So there we have it, a range of survival tips for parents with infants!