Fresh Find says Earnshaw’s

Honoured to be featured this month in the hugely popular industry publication Earnshaw’s. They recommend Little Grippers as one of their Fresh Finds in America.


Earnshaw’s has proudly served as the voice of the children’s fashion and juvenile product industry for nearly a century in the USA.  Thousands of retailers and brand executives rely on the magazine, both in print and online, to hone their retail strategies and merchandising techniques, keep their assortments fresh and stay on top of the latest trends, technology and industry news. (Ask us for testimonials.)

Earnshaw’s is also the only audited trade magazine in the children’s market. Their circulation rate is verified every issue by BPA Worldwide, the magazine industry’s leading resource for verified audience data. That means their magazines are mailed to more than 13,00 subscribers—guaranteed.

In addition to its award-winning print publication, Earnshaw’s also reaches thousands of followers on Facebook and Twitter, and many thousands more with its e-blasts, digital magazine and daily blog.

Award-winning, influential and insightful, Earnshaw’s continues to uphold its legacy as the children industry’s leading media resource.






#WIN with HelloCanvas and Little Grippers

At Little Grippers we love babies feet, well to be honest babies everything, but we especially love to see those toes, but when its a bit cold, or they are out and about, we love to see them covered up in our Little Grippers Baby Socks with Stay On Technology.  After all what’s the point of putting socks on them to keep them warm if all they do is fall off or be pulled off within minutes!  Back to babies toes, how many times have you seen images of the cutest photos on the internet and thought I am going to do that with my baby?

HC image 3

Actually, how many photos of your gorgeous little ones do you take on a daily basis??

Well if you are anything like the Little Grippers Family then it will be thousands each and every year, hundreds of the kids growing up, the kids playing, the kids with their friends, and the kids with their Dad, and very few of the kids with their Mum! I am always the one behind the camera, and therefore the one who tends to not feature in the pics.  But what ever you take pictures of, what do you do with them once you have taken them? Leave them on your phone/camera, upload them to Facebook, share them on Instagram or Twitter? How many of us actually print them out, put them in frames or put them on the wall? I know I would love to update our walls with new photos, but never seem to have the time to do anything about it.


So whether you have amazing shots of your newborns, photos of your child on their first day of school, or of them playing football for the local team, we would like to give you the chance to do something with one of those amazing pictures that are fast becoming forgotten about on your PC somewhere. We have teamed up with HelloCanvas to bring you a bumper giveaway.

If you have never heard of HelloCanvas before, they were founded in 2004 and are now the largest producer of canvas prints in the United Kingdom and throughout Europe! This is only possible because of their customers’ trust in their company, in combination with their enthusiastic team of 53 emplo­yees, who work each day with tremen­dous dedication and with lots of joy to deliver a great product. They thrive to deliver the best possible quality to you, while offering a great customer service at the same time. There mantra is “We love our job, we love our products and we love to work for you!”

They not only produce beautiful canvas prints, floating frames but also their NEW special HD Metal prints.


We are offering you the chance to win 1 of 5 canvases with an image of your choice, and the added bonus of a choice between a Little Grippers Baby Gift Box or one of our Sport Socks Twin Packs.


So if you would like a chance to win, leave a comment below and head over to HelloCanvas to enter.

Good Luck x

The competition runs until the 27th May and winners will be announced at the end of May.

For more chances to win you can also enter via our Facebook and Twitter pages.

P.S. Watch this space, we will be launching our new Welly Socks with Stay On Technology in time for the Festival Season!!



The following winners were selected at random:

Jo Harvey 

C Clarke 

Elsa K.Delgado-Angulo 

Kellie Jayne Bowers 

K A T I E 


Please get in contact with us at, and in the meantime check out the Little Grippers range and select your prize