5 Star Feedback

When asked what one returning customer thought of Little Grippers as a company and a product here is what they wrote:

“I have been a Little Grippers customer and fan for over three years now. They are consistently of fantastic quality and clearly have a business ethos of putting the customers needs at the fore front of all their ideas. 

Their customer service is second to none and Little Grippers are always my first thought for that special gift for newborns as well as my own son. It’s a memorable/fun gift for new parents, especially those yet to experience the ‘where’s the other sock?’ drama as you get to grips with 10 tiny wriggly toes! I have bought around 6 sets over the last few years. 

They’ve proven to be a hit with everyone I know and friends have become new customers as a result. 

The transition into the adult sock market seems a given, they have gone from strength to strength and I am certain will continue that way. Their business acumen and skill of understanding their unique product will see them continue to soar, I am sure. 

I continue to watch the expansion of their company with interest and excitement and have only this weekend ordered another gift box for the  first baby of a close friend!”

But don’t just take their word for it, after all that is just the opinion of one parent.

Take a look at our feedback scores on Amazon and the awards which we are so very proud of.

Amazon Feedback May 2016A huge thank you to all of our customers, and especially those who give us their feedback and help spread the word about Little Grippers and our socks all with #StayOnTechnology

Rachel 🙂

Press - 5 stars

A Brand Created in the UK

So here we go, the story of Little Grippers, how we started and the reason we state that we are a Brand Created in the UK on some of our socks and Made in the UK on others.

Little Grippers was created by us below, a married couple with between us 50 years of experience in the textile industry.

Rachel and Adrien always laughing (1)

When we started 30+ years ago for Adrien and almost 20 years ago for me (Rachel – Ahem please note that I am the younger one…) we worked with and for companies who made fabrics in the UK, designed garments here, and produced them all in the UK. Sadly times have changed and the company that we used to work for who had 17 UK garment making factories supporting thousands of families with an income eventually had only one, and although they expanded across the world to many different countries and continents the company eventually went under too.

But we have not been put off with the decline in the UK to such an extent that when we developed Little Grippers we instantly went off shore, after all some of the most amazing and inspiring inventions and brands have come from the UK.

So here we are based, all of our design is done in the UK, and all of the unique and innovative Stay On Technology that was first developed in the East Midlands is still here and applied to each and every one of our socks in the UK before being packaged (again in the UK… sorry if I am getting boring) and then sent out to you our lovely customers who are based all over the world (Thank you!).  There is only 1 robot in the whole world who can apply our Stay On Technology, and this can not be easily replicated what ever you hear, people have been trying ever since it was launched and have not come close to the unique properties of being hypoallergenic, thin enough to let the skin breathe and also renewing itself with every wash therefore lasting the life time of the garment – it simply does not wash off either.  So with all this, we are proud to call ourselves a brand CREATED IN THE UK.

Romantically or you could say idealistically we would love to have all of our socks totally produced here in the UK, and with all of our sourcing know-how, have tried, but sadly as customers moved off shore in the last 20 years, so did the experience and the machinery.  There is only one amazing factory that we have found in the UK that can produce the high quality, durable standard that we require to be a Little Grippers sock, and they are specialised in producing Sport Socks, even supplying some of the Premiership and the Championship teams and fans.  Over the past couple of years we have developed a sound relationship with them and are very proud to be able to say that all of our Sport Socks are MADE IN THE UK.

So what about our Baby, School and Welly Socks, well for a number of years, prior even to the idea of Little Grippers, we were working with a first class factory in Bangladesh, whose quality, factory and ethics are second to none, supplying the leading retailers in the UK, across Europe and in the USA, there was no other partner for us to bring along on the Little Grippers journey, they have been very supportive, after all setting up a new brand with its initial small orders is never an easy ride. We are truly grateful to them for persevering and believing in us where other factories would have turned us away.

Factory Floor

So there you have it, we are very proud to be a Brand Created in the UK.

If you are reading this and are a UK sock manufacturer who can produce consistently high quality, great fitting socks of any kind, we would LOVE to hear from you, after all there are always new ideas and collections being added to the range and you never know where the next path of the award winning  #stayontechnology sock journey will take us.

Thanks for reading and supporting us.
Rachel 🙂