Baby Shower Gift Guide

Spring is in the air, and so it seems are Baby Showers – we have been invited to 3 this year already.  So if you thought it was just an American idea that would pass, think again, with Baby Showers now becoming the norm both in the UK and the USA, and after having 5 children people often ask us what to buy.

Here are our rules for coming up with a special idea:

      Buy something useful

We all love cuddly teddies but really how many does one baby need.  Ask the parents to be if there is anything specific they need, cot bedding, a moses basket, even baby bottles or nappy creams will be gratefully received.  Having a baby is an expensive business, and every little helps.

Newborn Yellow Cuteness

      Buy something that no one else will buy

Hundreds of ultra cute newborn baby grows are great, but won’t last long. If you want to gift baby clothes, then purchase an outfit for when the baby is a little older, but remember the seasons, there’s no point in having a really cute summer dress in the middle of winter.  Also try and buy from a brand that is unique or innovative, and not readily available in the main high street stores, Baby Socks from Little Grippers with the unique Stay On Technology which keeps the babies socks on all day long, even if they are true wrigglers, is a great gift.

Little Grippers Baby Socks with #stayontechnology keeping baby socks on all day long.


      A memento to keep for ever

With all of our children we were given baby books, they are beautiful, sentimental and something to cherish, but a word of warning from personal experience, the first child will have a lovely book where you have taken the time and love to complete it and it will be an amazing keepsake for years to come, but the second, third or forth child may be lucky if the birthday is actually filled in…. Filling Mums with even more “Mum Guilt”

Instead we recommend buying something that can be put on the wall for everyone to see, such as a voucher towards a photographic shoot (there are always lots on the flash sale websites) but if you are local to Nottingham then we highly recommend Caroline and Karl from LOVE Photography, a husband and wife team who make you and your family feel totally relaxed so they can get the best possible pictures of you all.

LOVE photography


We love anything personalised, and this beautiful Photo Frame box set from April Rose Keepsakes is a must. These are all hand made to order in the UK and come in a variety of different colours, simply contact Lynsey and she will organise a gift that everyone would be glad to receive.

April Rose Keepsakes Baby Sock Box

     Buy something for the new Mum

But don’t make the mistake of a pamper bath set, with a newborn baby the chance of the new Mom being able to lounge in a hot luxurious bath for hours on end is very small.  Instead treat her to gorgeous smelling shower gels, scrubs or 5 minute face masks to make her feel better in the spare time that she will actually have.

Pregnant Mum to be


For your chance to get 15% off at April Rose Keepsakes, just let them know that you found out about them from the people who developed the baby socks that don’t come off….. Little Grippers 🙂


Stuck for ideas on what all Mums-to-be would be grateful for? Follow the Little Grippers go to rules