Knocking the socks OFF the competition

It’s the 4th year in a row that we have entered and won the Baby Footwear Awards with Mumii UK and we could not be prouder.

Mumii UK are a very much trusted parenting website giving parents the best advice for everything from blankets to buggy’s and everything in between. Each year they run their Best Baby and Toddler Gear Awards, a huge event where hundreds of brands send in their products to firstly be judged by a panel and hopefully Shortlisted before parents and children put them through their paces and try them out for real, then give their very truthful and brutal feedback.

It’s this totally honest feedback that ranks the Shortlisted products and decides who gets the coveted awards of GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE.  In the last 5 years Little Grippers have won GOLD and SILVER numerous times.  In  2014 Mumii UK also launched their Consumer awards where parents get to vote for their favourite brands, and it’s this Consumer Award that Little Grippers have a 100% record. That’s correct, we have won it, each and every year.  We are so thankful to all of our followers, customers and fans.

We know that so many of you love our Socks with Stay On Technology and that there is nothing else on the market that can truly compete.  Buying a sock that does what it is supposed to and STAYS ON your little ones toes, shouldn’t be a conversation, but it is, and we know that Little Grippers have given you the answer.  Winning the SILVER Mumii UK Award this year especially when “ Sock Ons “, a  well established product to keep baby socks on, were also shortlisted but didn’t make the awards podium, makes this years award even more special.

Gold, Silver, Bronze Awards

A SPECIAL THANK YOU – A discount code

We know that our socks, are a little more expensive in comparison to the average high street brand, that’s because Little Grippers are not your average high street sock, our high quality and our Stay On Technology means that customers return to us time and time again.

We know that the cost has put some customers off their first purchase of Little Grippers, however we would like to convince you to give us a try.

So as a hello to all of our potentially new customers who never knew whether to take the plunge or not. To all of you Mumii UK followers, and also as a BIG thank you to all of our loyal customers, some of which are now on your second and third baby, we would like to offer you all a HUGE discount code of 80% OFF any of our fantastic patterned baby and toddler socks.  All with our innovative hypoallergenic, dermatologist approved #stayontechnology .  Please take a look and don’t forget to use designsecret80 at the checkout.

The code can be used on any of our patterned baby socks, but be quick, there are limited numbers available.

80% OFF Discount Code

We would love to hear from you and see pictures of your little ones wearing our socks, you can follow Little Grippers on Facebook or Twitter or contact us via email at

Enjoy your discount code, and Happy Shopping

Rachel  and the Little Grippers Team xx



T&C’s – 80% discount only applies to patterned baby socks seen in promotional image, does not include plain baby socks or multi packs, does not include warm and cosy baby socks. Sports/welly/school socks are not included in the promotion. Socks not included in the promotion may still be purchased in the same transaction, discount will be calculated at checkout and applied solely to promotional baby socks. Postage charges apply as normal.