Little Grippers is GDPR Compliant

If your in-box is bursting with a million GDPR emails lately from every company you have ever visited on line, this is for one reason – the laws have changed – and for the better, you now get to reduce the amount of spam you receive from all companies big and small and protect your personal data and the deadline is the 25th May 2018.

GDPR (General Data and Protection Regulations) has replaced the old Data Protection Act and seeing as this was older than a lot of people now on line, this has got to be better.  As we share a million tiny bits of data each and every day, whether it be a direct share such as social media post, or indirectly by accepting cookies on a website, this new law lets us know exactly what, when and why we are sharing this.

As a small family business we take the responsibility of looking after our customers extremely seriously, this is why we strive to deliver excellent products and service at all times and it’s why we treat the responsibility of holding your data with the utmost care.


Please take a look at our updated privacy policy, it outlines what data we hold, how we use it and how we keep it safe.

We try to keep our email and telephone communication with our customers to the necessary minimum and only broadcast news and offers that are truly relevant and add value, if you no longer wish to receive emails from us you can find an unsubscribe link at the bottom of most emails we send, one click and your settings will immediately be updated, or you can email us directly on or call 0115 9374303 and we will update our files immediately.

And if you haven’t had an email from us recently – please re subscribe on the home page and we will add you back onto our new GDPR approved list! Don’t miss out on our next SALE or BIG NEWS announcements


Little Grippers x