Autumn is here to stay….

Today we packed away our flip flops and sandals…. it’s been the longest summer ever, but we are still sad to see the summer clothes and footwear being stored ready for next year.

But on the plus side Autumn is here and what can be better than walks in the sunshine, breathing in the crisp air with crunchy leaves under your feet?  As the leaves turn red and then brown we watch with delight as the weather changes and we get to adapt our wardrobe to wear our chunky knitwear and snug boots, so if like us, you are stock piling the logs for cosy nights in front of the fire and buying gloves like mad because you know that the minute you need them they will have all sold out….. check what else you need and make sure you are prepared.

coffee and gloves

So don’t forget to grab your cosy socks too, because you know the warmest, snuggliest, funnest ones always sell out before Christmas (always a Christmas Stocking filler in the Little Grippers house for young and old). We have the perfect welly socks for your little ones, from ages 1 through to 8 years, our welly socks are tall so perfect for keeping those legs as well as feet nice and warm, and with their towelling backing they are cosy, soft and very very comfortable.  It goes without saying that our Little Grippers innovative Stay On Technology also features on our welly socks, and so they STAY UP for the entire day meaning that your child will no longer be coming to you every 10 minutes to ask you to find their socks in their boots and pull them up for the millionth time that day!


Welly Socks Range


So get yourself ready because with the beginning of Autumn those exciting chilly nights will be here before you know it – Bonfire and Fireworks night as well as Halloween will see your little ones out in the cold and the dark. So keep them warm and brave when all the ghosts, ghouls and excitement gets too much for them.


Jensen Welly FB

For your littlest ones, our Warm and Cosy Baby Socks are great for newborns up to 12 months old, with a cosy terry towelling inner there’s no need to worry if they pull off their shoes or boots when out in the buggy or pram, the Warm and Cosy Baby socks with Stay On Technology will keep them toasty warm, and there’s no way they will be pulling their socks off too!


All LG009 stackHappy Autumn everyone!