Back To School shopping made easy

The time has come that most parents dread – the Back To School uniform shopping trip!

So who else has kids that nothing seems to fit, or that nothing is cool enough for them – we have already had conversations like;

“Mum you do know I’m not 5 anymore…”

“Err I’m not wearing the same skirt as HER” aka younger sister

“Mum I want to wear the same shoes as Wilf”


Surely as a parent there must be a Get out of Jail Free card except for the Back To School shop?

Little Grippers can’t make shoe shopping any easier or less smelly, but we can make buying the School Socks a piece of cake – School Socks that STAY UP all day long too.

Follow the link choose your colour, choose the size and length. Add to basket, add the coupon code to receive 10% off, and checkout using Paypal – BOOM! Simple – now you can return to arguing with the kids over what else they do and don’t need for the start of term!


Good Luck xx


COUPON CODE backtoschool10