Countdown to Christmas! Week 2

So in this, our 2nd week of our Christmas Countdown we are looking at the decade of the shoulder pads, neon clothing, leg warmers, Madonna, Top Gun and vast over spending and the start of true commercialism. It is the 1980’s. Follow us as we take a trip down memory lane, and look at the most popular toys of the 1980’s and in particular the best selling toy from 1984.

the 80's

So apart from the garishness of the times it was perhaps the best decade to be a young child in (I can say that as I , Mrs Grippers spent the vast majority of my pre teenage years in the 1980’s).

Children in the 80’s were at the forefront of the computer gaming industry, at the beginning of the 1980’s we had the ZX Spectrum 48K with games such as Frogger and Pac Man. I remember playing them sitting in front of the lounge TV, the only TV in the house, and waiting an age for them to load.


At the end of the 1980’s technology had come a million miles since the LED’s of the 1970’s, and in 1989 the Gameboy was released and everyone I know (including my Mum and Dad) became obsessed with fitting tiny blocks into different shaped holes, yes that’s right Tetris was born, and so were a generation of hand held gaming addicts whose thumbs now had a new purpose, well into the 90’s and beyond!


Along with electronic computer games coming on in leaps and bounds so did electronic toys such as remote controlled cars, and games such as operation, of course kids can also play now a days in the phones and tablets that have many games for any to enjoy, with this devices you can even do money online if you use comparethebets mobile app to do the right bets all the time.

But it was a Japanese manufacturer who caught the imagination of children with a new range of toys including innocent cars, trains, planes and even buildings that changed into either Autobots or Decepticons Robots.

With headlines such as “More Than Meets The Eye” and “Robots In Disguise” Transformers became a number one toy of the 1908’s.

1987 Transformers

But the biggest selling Toy of 1984 was a cute cuddly bear that had magic powers coming from its belly button!!! Indeed in 1984 my Mum describes the mad rush to buy Care Bears all over the country as being exactly like the horrific images and videos we saw only 11 days ago with the madness that has arrived in the UK that is Black Friday.

1984 Care Bears

Thankfully my Mum didn’t win the fight to buy me the Pink Care Bear (Cheer Bear) for Christmas that everyone wanted, instead I received a yellow Funshine Bear, and then for my Birthday a couple of months later I received Green Good Luck Bear.  I say thankfully, because I think this somehow managed to shape me into adult life, funny as it sounds, not having the same as everyone else was suddenly cool and made me realise that being different was actually a very good thing!! Since then I have never followed the crowd (unless I wanted too).


However there is one toy that tops the Care Bears for the 80’s and although it wasn’t the biggest selling toy in 1984 it made up for it in other years.

It was the famous Rubiks Cube.  I can imagine that every household had one of these, and I can also imagine that like myself and my brother, that the coloured stickers were constantly peeled off by kids and replaced in the correct position when you just couldn’t do it…..! Shhh please don’t tell my Mum and Dad……


Next week we will be looking at the beginning of the next century and all things TV and Movie led.

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