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As parents with kids at Infant, Junior and Senior school we know that your PTA is probably constantly asking parents to put their hands in their pockets to raise money and funds for things like Playgrounds, Sports Equipment or Trips out. If like the owners of Little Grippers you have 5 kids, then every cake stall, school disco or summer fair comes at a high price. But what if parents could raise money for your school without spending anything extra? At no cost to the school?

Well we think we have an answer, for every purchase of our Little Grippers School or Sport Socks we will give them a 5% discount AND donate money back directly to the school.

Why would we want our school children to be wearing Little Grippers for class or sports? Well our socks STAY UP all day long! Yes thats right, they stay up, so your school will be the smartest in the area even at 3pm! All of our socks have our unique Stay On Technology applied directly to the inside of the sock cuff, the technology is a very thin almost invisible layer of hypoallergenic dermatologist approved silicon suitable for all skin types, which sits on the child’s skin keeping the socks in place. And as the technology renews itself with every wash, it lasts the lifetime of the garment.


What Colours Do You Sell?

School Socks for Girls, we sell Knee High and Over the Knee in Black, White, Grey and Navy. For boys we sell Knee High Black and Grey.  All of our socks are plain with no stripes or patterns meaning that they meet most school uniform policies.

For our Sport Socks we have a range of colours, including Black, White, Red, Navy, Royal Blue, Pink and Flouro Lime.  But don’t forget they don’t need to be buying these purely for school, even if they are buying them for their local team, as long as they input the coupon code, your school will benefit.

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So How Will It Work?

  • Schools that sign up, will receive a personalised coupon code for parents to use
  • Parents purchase School or Sport Socks from littlegrippers.com with a 5% discount using their schools personalised coupon code
  • For every pair or pack purchased Little Grippers will donate up to £2 back to the school
  • Funds accrued from Little Grippers will be transferred on a 3 monthly basis directly to the School or PTA funds

How Much Can We Raise For Our Funds?

There is no limit, either in the number of pairs that your parents buy, or the time in which they need to purchase them from.  We are happy to set this up immediately so you can include the coupon code in your end of school year newsletter or other communications and then it can run for the whole school year.

So don’t delay, contact us and we will get your campaign started.

Contact rachel@littlegrippers.co.uk to sign up, it’s as easy as that!!

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